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Making Peace and Prosperity Go Hand-in-Hand

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Making corporate investment the cement of the peace-building architecture

Dave Buffaloe retired after a very distinguished 21-year military career.  After commanding U.S. Army Paratroopers and indigenous militia forces in both Afghanistan in 2003 and Iraq in 2004, he became a top-tier  

Buffaloe Global Development Corp. (BGDC) is a strategic implementation firm that brings together key stakeholders to design comprehensive plans to create Peace Economies in post-war countries, reducing risk for corporate partners and investors.  We partner with major Fortune 100 firms that can help a country capitalize on its natural resource wealth and better the lives of the public through technology and development—and represent them in the peace-building process.  Working with the private sector, the international community, and the host nation, we negotiate a National Compact for Stability and Economic Development outlining the roles and responsibilities of all of the stakeholders while demonstrating that all goals are mutually supportive to peace and prosperity.  BGDC’s subsidiaries then aggressively work to implement these strategies and turn our shared vision into reality. Post-war countries provide unmatched opportunities for rapid growth and return on investment—but only if private sector investment is part of a comprehensive strategy that builds the Peace Economy, an economic environment that protects property rights and provides widespread benefits under the rule of law.

Buffaloe Global Development Corp. is composed of experts in the fields of peacebuilding, stability, security, sustainability, public and international policy, and geo-political strategy, dedicated to improving the returns and quality of investments in the developing world.  Our extensive network includes forerunners within the international community, donor countries, international organizations, NGOs, thought leaders, and developing-nation governments.

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​strategist routinely hand-picked to solve the world’s most pressing international security issues.  In 2009, he drafted General McChrystal’s multi-year campaign design in Afghanistan focusing on security, governance, development, and reducing corruption.  He most recently served as the Military Advisor for Peacekeeping Operations at the Department of State, where he authored numerous UN Security Council Resolutions on Africa and the Middle East.  In 2013, he developed the African Union and the United Nations’ comprehensive strategy for Somalia to defeat al-Shabaab and secure governance and democracy.  In each case, he achieved unity of effort from the military, government, and the international community.  Now, he and his team work relentlessly to make the private sector the cement of the peacebuilding architecture in post-war countries.

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