Buffaloe Global Security


Committed to Peace and Stability World-Wide

Buffaloe global security

Buffaloe Global Security (BGS) is a subsidiary of the Buffaloe Global Development Corp.  Although its clients are different – primarily serving Host Nations and fulfilling Public Sector Contracts – its mission and values are the same:  helping to build Peace Economies so that peace and prosperity go hand-in-hand in post-war countries.  Its trainers and mentors consist of only the top performers in their fields.  Although they have seen war, they are committed to peace and to building a secure environment for the Peace Economy to flourish.  They focus on security sector reform to ensure that the military and police of a post-war country become the nation’s most respected institution, responsibly and effectively protecting all sectors of the population and enforcing the rule of law with full respect for human rights.  BGS’s team operates at all levels from advising Ministers of Defense to training individual soldiers and police on everything from basic rifle marksmanship to human rights awareness and civil/military relations.  On occasion, BGS personnel also provides threat assessments on market entry and personal security details for BGDC’s corporate clients to allow them to travel to volatile environments safely and provides security for BGDC’s clients and subsidiaries’ infrastructure and investments.