Buffaloe Global Development Corp.


Making Peace and Prosperity Go Hand-in-Hand

A New, Cutting Edge Model for Post-War Investment

Buffaloe Global Development Corp. offers a variety of services to a wide range of clientele including corporations, international organizations, NGOs, and government agencies. Services offered include (although are not limited to):

Strategic Consulting
•Market Assessment and Entry
•Conflict/Risk Analysis
•Advisory Services
•International Advocacy
•International Representation
•Thought Leadership and Outreach
•Marketing Intermediary

•Communications Strategy

•Opportunity Sourcing

•Investment Structure

•Project Management

Security Sector


The Buffaloe Global Development Model

The Buffaloe Global Development Model (Buffaloe Model) is a revolutionary model for investment in post-war countries.  The Buffaloe Model creates opportunities in which diverse groups of stakeholders benefit from comprehensive strategies to develop a stable and prosperous Peace Economy. Corporations and investors are equal partners alongside international donors, development banks, and the host state. Though their motivations may be distinct, the goals of these partners—building stability, reducing risk, and growing the Peace Economy—are mutually supportive.

When the goals of all three are met, stability and economic growth flourish to everyone’s benefit. 

It might appear counterintuitive that a corporation focused on upstream extraction of oil or natural gas should place importance on issues such as democracy and good governance, education or healthcare.  However, these Peace Dividends mutually support the private sector’s goals because they reduce conflict and therefore reduce the investment’s risk.  Similarly, it might be counterintuitive for a non-governmental organization such as Human Rights Watch to advocate for corporate investment.  But responsible corporate investment can lead to economic growth, expand employment opportunities, and reduce poverty. ​

The Buffaloe Global Development Corp. brings key stakeholders together, creates a shared vision for a stable and prosperous Peace Economy, and turns that vision into reality.

We partner with major Fortune 100 firms – firms that can help a country capitalize on its natural resource wealth and firms that can better the lives of the people through technology and development - and represent them in the peace-building process.  Working with the international community and host-nation leaders, our firm develops a comprehensive strategy to improve governance and security, provide basic services, and secure economic growth.  Then, we utilize this strategy to negotiate a National Compact for Stability and Economic Development outlining the roles and responsibilities of all of the stakeholders while demonstrating that all goals are mutually supportive to peace and prosperity.  Buffaloe Global Development Corp.’s subsidiaries then aggressively work to implement these strategies and turn our shared vision into reality.